US Real Estate Consultants is full service real estate brokerage and real estate investment firm based in Troy, Michigan Our mission is to assist our clients in acquiring attractive discounted real estate…whether it’s for their primary residence or for an investment property. We specialize in below market value real estate located anywhere from the blue collar neighborhoods to high-end luxury lakefront property.

It’s a fact of life that no matter how tough the economy gets… people will always need a place to call home. They may dump their stocks. They may stop buying SUV’s. They may not go to the mall as much as they used to but there is always, always, always a need to live in a home.

Now you have an opportunity to work with a team of experienced real estate investing professionals who are not only licensed in residential and commercial real estate as a Michigan Real Estate brokerage, but with years of hard work, have already successfully put together all the pieces to make real estate ownership profitable for you starting from month one.

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  • How to Crush the Stock Market!

    Did you know that you can invest in real estate if you have a 401K from a previous job or a SELF-DIRECTED IRA? When your IRA owns the property, all profits go back into the IRA TAX FREE or TAX DEFERRED. Over time, this will make a HUGE difference in the growth of your account.... Interested? Call us and we'd be happy to guide you through the process.
  • Want Value? Growth? Both?

    A single-family home is one of the most easily rentable types of investment real estate. Everyone needs a place to call home and given the choice, most people would rather live in a home than an apartment. Couple that with our 100% turn-key system, tax benefits, appreciation and monthly cash flow checks...... and you have a killer investment!
  • To Do or Not to Do?

    Somebody told me a long time ago that you can make money or you can make excuses - impossible to both at the same time. 2010 will be the buying opportunity of a lifetime. Are you going to make money or sit on the sidelines and make excuses? Dare to live your dreams. Call us this week and discover how amazingly simple it is to invest in Michigan cash flow real estate.
Red Hot Real Estate In Michigan??
US Real Estate Consultants Confirms It!