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Short Sale Deals in Michigan: The “Short Sale” is a great way to purchase deep discount luxury homes in highly desirable suburban Detroit communities.

Are you paying too much for your next home?

If you’re like most people, you probably like to get a good deal when you buy something. Granted, in today’s uncertain economy, there are many good deals out there. But why settle for a good deal when you can get a great deal! Join the small handful of people who have taken advantage of the tremendous savings available using the little known tactic called a “Short Sale”.

Imagine being able to get a $500,000 home for as little as $250,000 or a home that was $150,000 for $75,000…
with no work to do!

These are not your typical run down distressed properties. These are beautiful homes in move-in condition. The reason that they are so heavily discounted is strictly related to the owner’s financial situation and the poor market conditions. Most likely, the owner must sell their home because of some life changing event such as losing their job and they owe more than its current fair market value. Unless the owner has enough cash to make up the difference between what it can be sold for and what they owe the bank, they are facing certain foreclosure.

Because of the huge inventory of available homes and the staggering losses the banks are experiencing, often the bank will opt to cut their losses now in order to avoid a long and costly foreclosure process. Simply stated, the bank will be more than willing to negotiate a sale price which is substantially lower than its current market value.

What does this mean for you?

You may be surprised to learn that you can now afford a home that you could only dream about just 12 months ago. Without a doubt, this is the buying opportunity of a lifetime!

As you might imagine, successfully negotiating a short sale with a bank requires specific contacts, knowledge, and skills that can only be learned through years of experience. We’re familiar with every nuance of the process and have a proven track record of negotiating rock-bottom prices to prove it. But don’t just take our word for it. Find out for yourself. Call 248-365-0241 today so you don’t miss out on this remarkable opportunity. We look forward to your call.

Short Sales Rock!

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